Facebook Retargeting in 2023: How to Reach Your Ideal Audience with Precision and Impact

By Alishba Agha 
| March 16, 2023

Retargeting is the most common practice that intends to advertise to people who already know about a website or a business. Retargeting has become a significant revenue driver for an enterprise. A business can retarget its customers from the initial stage to the final checkout. It saves the time spent on advertising to the cold audience. Facebook is a platform that has a massive user base. Almost 9% of digital advertisements are through Facebook ads.

What is Facebook retargeting?

Facebook retargeting uses Facebook ads to retarget people who already know about a brand or a website. Facebook retargeting points to potential customers interested in the business. It effectively targets those who are interested in the website rather than those who are not. The business can attract potential consumers, again and again, to take a specific action and make a purchase. It is one of the in-market techniques these days.

How does retargeting work?

Facebook Retargeting is a simple technique to reintroduce a brand to the audience. It aims to target the user who has already engaged with the business. They must have visited the website, subscribed to the newsletter, or liked your Facebook page. The audience could be anyone familiar with the business’s well doing.

Types of retargeting

Retargeting could be of three types. Let’s discuss them in detail.

CRM based retargeting

CRM-based retargeting intends to upload the e-mail database of people to retarget them. A huge opportunity is availed if the users have the same e-mail address. Facebook e-mail addresses are considered to be the default e-mail address. But in the case of an alternate e-mail address, it might not work.

Event-based retargeting

Event campaigns are set up on the website or the business page. This way, the company can target those who interact with the website. The interaction could range from viewing a page, adding a product to the cart, and then leaving it. This is how users can be retargeted.

Facebook event-based retargeting

By using Facebook event-based retargeting, a massive audience can be reached. The viewers of the posts and videos can be retargeted, including those who liked the page. Even the Instagram account of the business linked to Facebook could be a source of engagement. Many business decision-makers use their personal and business account to check industry trends. This provides a great opportunity to retarget.

How to Retarget through Facebook in 2023

Facebook retargeting provides an excellent opportunity to repeatedly bring many users to the platform. It is quite easy to retarget through Facebook as most of the processes are the same.

Install Facebook pixel

The foremost step to retargeting on Facebook is to know about the events that could trigger retargeting. Selecting some potential events would help. WordPress also helps in completing the process.

Log into Facebook, ads manager, and select audiences

After logging in to the Facebook ads manager, select the audiences tab.

Then click on create an audience and select custom audiences. Then you need to choose a custom audience source. Various options let you discover people who have shown interest in the business. The options include customer list website app activity, offline activity, and catalog. Facebook allows you to source your data and make the most popular option.

While Facebook resources include videos, an Instagram account, a Facebook page, instant experience shopping, etc., select the option that fits your goals.

Customize your target audience.

You can create your customized styled audience by creating a website custom audience. The options include all website visitors, visitors by time spent, to people who visited specific web pages. Click the option that best fits you. Choosing a website audience will only determine the specific URLs and their time. This helps retarget the consumers for maximum ROI, reducing the list of interested consumers.

Create a Facebook ad campaign with a custom audience.

Starts your Facebook ad campaign by paying the specific amount set by Facebook. Moving forward, you can refine the ad after analyzing the analytic data.

Popular Facebook ad campaign types

Retargeting ad campaigns depend on your innovation and imagination. But exploring the most popular options is the best thing to do.

Retarget those who view your video ads.

It takes time to view the video and then give a thumbs up. Watching the video from the start until the end is a commitment-based task. Video views help retarget by tracking how many people watched the video for how long. If someone watches it long, they might engage and need a warm welcome. Retargeting these viewers is essential and beneficial.

Leverage Facebook dynamic ads in your retargeting potential or lost customers

Any e-commerce store can use its product catalog with Facebook ads manager. That business can use products with retargeting by serving a personalized ad based on the abandoned shopping carts of the users. The products should be relevant to what they have viewed.

This strategy is vital for an automated shopping cart abandonment retargeting campaign. It is a great e-mail marketing strategy, as the global card abandonment rate is around 75%. Abandoned carts help in knowing about the target audience’s likes by sending a more personalized response repeatedly. It brings a big advantage of retargeting through Facebook ads.

You can use dynamic ads for retargeting customers with the items they have viewed. It is the item that they are already interested in but could not buy due to the unavailability of the size or the relevant color they want.

Use your e-mail list.

Having a massive e-mail list can help in retargeting on Facebook. This e-mail list will revive people’s interest in valuable products or services. It is a good strategy to e-mail people as many people check their e-mail daily. Sending a customized e-mail will definitely get you an engagement. People often don’t buy because that is not the right time for specific reasons. But they might be interested in buying those products later. They can forget about you, so you must e-mail them to remind them about your business so they can catch up with you to make the purchase.


Advertising after a short interval is important for business. It is the only way to make a positive impact on the minds of the potential audience. As many other businesses are competing, reviving is important to stay in the competition. Retargeting revolves around this concept of advertising to those who are already in touch with the business.It is the most effective way of increasing the ROI. Retargeting through Facebook will boost the conversion rate by 70% and will provide a click-through rate that is ten times higher than typical ads.

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