19 Instagram Marketing Tools You’ll Need in 2023

By Alishba Agha 
| April 3, 2023

Instagram is the fastest-growing platform, with 200 million business accounts. It is growing daily and becoming an ideal place to market and drive engagement. It is becoming the top choice of influencers and marketers as the average time spent per user per month is 11.2 hours. 90% of marketers believe it is the most valuable platform for influencer marketing. To make the most of this platform, it is important to invest in Instagram marketing tools to get help with competitor analysis, video editing, hashtags, and brand mentions.

Instagram Marketing Tools

You can use various scheduling, analytics, hashtag, and ad tools for Instagram marketing.

1. HootSuite Composer

With HootSuite composer, you can create Instagram posts and schedule them for the future. You can edit, customize and schedule your Instagram post with an easy-to-use interface. It helps to get their impressions and click-through at the best time.

2. Instagram Insights

Creators and business accounts must use tools like Instagram Insights to learn about their following. This helps them know what type of content becomes the most popular and when the users are the most active. It helps in giving a detailed report of everything. There are times when data might appear after 7 to 14 days. This is the best tool to know the exact details.

3. Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite analytics takes you a step ahead in marketing to provide a deeper look at the details. It helps to extract the data from the class. This data is used to create customized reports. It helps in tracking the response time. Moreover, you can respond to Instagram comments with positive and negative sentiments.

4. Iconosquare

It is a very important tool as it helps to audit the Instagram business account. It will evaluate the posts from the last 30 days. It evaluates the profile performance and will give essential improvement tips.

In addition to audit, it offers analytics and scheduling. This is exclusively for Instagram and Facebook.

5. Phlanx

It is difficult to keep track of the likes, comments, engagement rates, and followers when working with influencers. Phlanx offers support by calculating it for you.

6. Panoramiq Multiview

This tool gives you the Multiview of the engagement on your account. It helps monitor the comments, mentions, and tags in the Hootsuite dashboard. It provides multiview because it helps you add multiple accounts to one stream. This helps in reaching people quickly.

7. Mentionlytics

It is impossible to keep track of all the mentions daily without automation. Mentionlytics helps in automating the mentions of the company keywords and competitors. It is a useful tool compatible with YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other websites. It provides a better picture of your brand on different platforms. It helps to know more about your popularity. It can sync with Hootsuite.

8. Panoramiq insights

This tool helps in adding Instagram insights to the Hootsuite dashboard. It tracks everything related to your account, including followers’ engagement, likes, comments, and mentions. It can measure the success of a story or post. This essential part of the business helps it find new ways to boost its productivity.

9. Hootsuite Impact

An analysis is the most important part of any business. It helps improve your company’s benchmark by measuring your business’s standing in the competition. The business can use graphs, tables, and summaries to measure the return on investment of Instagram marketing. It allows connecting with Adobe analytics BI tools, including Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

10. Ads manager

It helps in tracking Facebook and Instagram ads. It helps in running campaigns on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. The business can respond to comments and track the performance after the successful launch of a campaign. It helps the business know its strengths and weaknesses in all sections.

11. Instagram branded content tool

They are various tools that allow the creators to label branded content. It is a disclaimer introduced by Instagram. After signing a partnership business, both partners provide an opportunity for increased reach and engagement on the stories and posts. This is a must-have tool for every business using Instagram in 2023

12. Adespresso

It’s about the advertising goals of the business. It is a significant tool that helps the business focus on the metrics essential for advertising. The business can make the most of its spending on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even Google. It comes with the benefit of allowing the business to influence campaigns by delivering actionable tips.

13. Adview

Instagram ads are essential for marketing and increasing reach and conversions. Comments are the most significant part of monitoring the visibility and reach of the business. A good business must not neglect it at any point in time. Adview comes to the rescue by simultaneously allowing the business to respond to Facebook and Instagram ads. It provides a single platform to respond to comments. Additionally, it also provides a chance for Hootsuite users to manage in a single place.

14. Hootsuite social advertising

Publishing organic content with Instagram provides the added benefit of achieving business goals simultaneously. Hootsuite social advertising allows running paid and organic campaigns simultaneously. It helps in making data-driven decisions at the same time you can spend on a single platform. It develops a harmonious relationship to create an organic campaign.

15. Display purposes

This tool provides the details of Instagram hashtags. It allows the business to discover hashtags related to gender and age demographics. The business can discover and explore the top posts related to the hashtags.

16. Panoramiq watch

It helps keep track of popular and branded hashtags. It connects with Hootsuite for a much deeper look at the detail of the tags. Assists in conducting efficient research and analysis in a short time. Now the business can compare and contrast multiple hashtags to choose the most suitable for posting. Helps identify special hashtags for user-generated content or content submission.

17. Keyhole

Keyhole provides hashtag tracking tools for your Instagram campaign. If a business is using a branded hashtag, it can calculate its ROI with a keyhole. Partnering with influencers brings a lot of benefits to the business. It is vital to keep track of the success for increased collaboration in the future. Now the business can measure the impact of partnering with the influencers. 

18. Synapview

Keeping an eye on the competition helps in improving and creating something unique. Synapview helps to create and save streams from monitoring the competitors and hashtags. Synapview is a great tool that lets you keep track of your hashtags by letting you know where they are being used. It helps you know about your competition. It is a great app for your business.

19. ShortStack

ShortStack helps in tracking hashtags and identifying high-profile users. It helps in tracking the social contest hashtags. Moreover, it also helps in selecting vendors with its random entry selector.


If you are striving to grow your Instagram, then it is important to optimize these tools in 2023. It is estimated that Instagram will grow to 1.2 billion active users by 2023. Creators cannot leave behind this platform for better performance in 2023. To make the most of this platform, knowing about the marketing tool mentioned earlier with their effective usage is essential.

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