10 Must-Ask Questions for Hiring the Perfect Social Media Freelancer

By Alishba Agha 
| March 29, 2023

Social media is the most significant platform for a business’s marketing strategy. Many social media platforms have massive users and can easily connect the brand to the customers. When it comes to managing the social media accounts of a business, the business needs to do a lot. It is a time-consuming and crucial task that requires the business to hire a social media freelancer. 

Why do you need a social media freelancer? 

Social media marketing took a rise after the launch of Facebook. After gaining popularity, it was considered a digital marketing strategy. This acquires the business to invest in social media marketing to build a network and reach the target audience. 

But marketing managers need help finding the right fit for the business. Operating social media is easy, but it is crucial to growing networks. 

Understanding, analyzing, and asking questions in the interview process is essential to dig out the experts from the poseurs. 

Freelancers are offering their valuable services to companies for managing social media. They are equipped with different expertise to fulfill the demands of a business. Finding the right social media freelancer requires the business to know more about the knowledge and skills. 

Questions to ask from freelancers 

Social media freelancers will help in increasing brand awareness by boosting the business. It is essential to ask the right questions to hire the most suitable person. 

Let us discover the five questions when hiring a social media freelancer. 

1. Ask about their experience

To know a freelancer’s credibility, the foremost question is to ask about their experience. It will help you know that the freelancer has the right expertise relevant to the business. Running a B2B business will require hiring a social media freelancer aware of LinkedIn strategies. And if your business belongs to B2C, then a social media freelancer with Instagram and Facebook strategies can help. 

2. Ask about previous campaigns

The next question to ask from a social media freelancer answer is about their previous social media campaigns. This will help in knowing the approach of the freelancer for the success of their campaign. Now you can decide if the freelancer is suitable for your business. You can ask them about their campaigns that are relevant to your business. This will provide insight into the social media freelancer’s problem-solving skills, creativity, and ability to deliver results. 

3. Ask about the Approach 

One of the most significant questions to ask freelancers is their core values and what drives them to succeed. It helps in knowing the freelancer’s view and finding out if their marketing campaign will benefit the business. The approach to creating content is crucial for determining the marketing campaign’s success. Moreover, you must also ask about the methods of freelancers to track their successful engagement rates, clickthrough rates, and conversions. 

4. How did they handle negative comments? 

Everyone likes positivity, but when it comes to uncertain situations, the person’s wisdom helps. You must ask the social media freelancer about their handling of negative comments or feedback on social media. If they had any experience, they would know how to handle the situation with professionalism. But if a freelancer didn’t deal with anything negative in the past, you must not consider hiring them. Only those with such experience can deal with such a situation. It helps in knowing the problem-solving skills of the freelancer. 

5. How do they stay current with recent trends and changes in social media? 

Social media algorithms frequently change with the arrival of new trends. This requires you to ask the social media freelancer how they stay updated with the latest trends and best practices. What are their sources of information on the latest changes and updates? A freelancer getting an education and participating in industry discussions and events will be the perfect fit. 

6. What social media platform would they use? 

The social media platforms deliver the success of the campaign. Therefore, asking what platforms they would use to promote the brand is essential. It is vital to use two to three social media platforms to market. The freelancer must recommend a platform suitable for their business according to the Niche. 

Ask about the experience of the freelancer with social media platforms. It will help in knowing about the skills of the freelancer and will help find which platform fulfills the business’s needs. 

7. How did they get into social media? 

Another important question to ask a social media freelancer is their interest and passion for entering social media. They must not be casual users. They must know about the platforms to make the most out of them. 

8. Ask them to walk you through your social media development process! 

The success of a social media campaign depends upon the research, goal, and calendar setting. Therefore, it is essential to ask the freelancer to reveal the social media strategy process. It helps understand the approach of the freelancer to obtain goals and objectives. 

9. Ask about the preferred tool for scheduling posts

There are many tools for managing social media. Ask freelancers about the tools they use for managing social media. The answer will help you know about the freelancer’s familiarity with these tools. 

10. Ask about managing multiple social media platforms at once! 

Social media marketing requires a business to use multiple social media accounts to market the campaign. Ask the freelancer about the strategy for creating engaging content for different platforms. Every platform has different approaches to delivering content. Ask them about the unique techniques that they would use for each forum. 


There are four billion active social media users worldwide. It is essential to build online connections and drive engagement to identify the target audience. A freelancer would deliver the company’s image on various social media platforms. Social media freelancers with advanced knowledge and branding techniques are essential for your business. Marketing managers need to find the most suitable freelancer. Therefore, asking all the above questions is necessary to get the right fit for the business. 

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