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Synerge Meta is a community for entrepreneurs, startup founders and freelancing professionals collaborating for growth. Our community is built on the idea of giving back. We are here for one another, and we want to see you succeed. Your success is our success, and we are committed to helping you reach your goals.

Exchange ideas and meet new peers at our private Discord community with other like-minded professionals.

Networking events, 1:1s and focused channels are great ways to meet other people in your field.

If you’re feeling stuck, we’ve got weekly expert sessions to help you out, or you can ask directly in our #questions channel.

Exclusive perks and discounts from our partners to get your business off-ground quickly and efficiently. Checkout #perks channel.

Raising funds? We have built a great guide to design winning pitch deck. Head out to #pitch-deck-help channel to download the guide with templates.

We have gathered a vast amount of data on startups in the form of reports. Checkout #industry-reports section to get access.

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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

When people come together and share their talents and skills, they can accomplish way more than they could on their own. Being a part of a group gives you access to resources and knowledge that you might not have on your own. Plus, it’s more fun to work on a team!


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Learn from the best with webinars featuring the experts that work with startups like you. Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive events featuring latest tools and techniques. Meet other founders in networking sessions and get hands-on help with expert sessions.


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You know what’s awesome? Unrestricted access to all of our webinar recordings, Playbooks, tutorials, interviews with founders, and perks. All of that goodness accessible to you free-of-cost. That’s what we’ve got for you!



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3. Learn to launch & grow your business

1. Find exciting clients to work with
2. Meet other experts
3. Stay on top of latest developments


We have partnered up with leading startup enabling organizations to help you succeed.