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The seed stage startup


The seed stage is the startup’s stage of growth. At this stage, the startup is still testing its product and looking for the perfect fit between its product and the market they’re targeting. In a seed stage startup, the focus is on getting to know the market—not just what it needs, but also what it wants. The goal of this stage is to find a problem worth solving and then build a solution that solves it. At the seed stage, startups look for services that will help them validate their idea and get their product to market.

Seed Stage

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the seed stage?

The seed stage is the startup’s first stage of growth. A seed stage startup is still testing its product and looking for the perfect fit between its product and the market they’re targeting.

What does "seed" mean?

It’s a term used to describe an early-stage investment in a new business—the first round of funding that young companies get as they start out.

What do startups do at this stage?

Startups at this stage typically focus on developing their initial product and getting it into their target market. They also look to gain feedback from users, which helps them refine their product and make sure that it’s reaching its full potential.

How long does the seed stage last?

The seed stage can last anywhere from six months to three years, depending on how quickly a startup wants to grow or how much funding they have available for development.

What are some things that seed stage startups can do during this phase?

Startups should ask themselves questions like “Who is our target audience?” and “How can we get them to try our product?” They should also talk with potential customers, conduct market research, and make sure their idea is actually viable before they start spending money on production or advertising.

How do I know if my business is in the seed stage?

You’ll know you’re in the seed stage if your business is still testing its product and looking for the perfect fit between its product and the market they’re targeting. A good way to tell if you’re at this stage is by checking how much time you spend on each of these activities:


  • Developing a prototype or MVP (minimum viable product)
  • Testing your product with customers
  • Looking for the right customer segment to target

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