12 Ways To Find PPC Keyword Ideas & Grow Your Win

By Alishba Agha 
| March 17, 2023

Picking relevant keywords is essential to increase the reach of the business. It helps find the appropriate product or service the user is looking for. Sometimes it feels like magic when you are looking for something, and relevant websites pop up as if someone is reading your mind. But it’s called good ad targeting, which refers to keywords used. PPC helps in picking the right keywords for the campaign.

Brainstorming PPC keyword list

The website landing page marks the start of keyword research for your ads. A good list of keywords should determine the type of products and services offered on the landing page.

Finding relevant keywords helps attract the right audience for more high-value metrics. It can highly affect the success of PPC.

Types of keywords

There are several types of keywords. PPC keywords are as follows.

Branded keywords

The branded keywords refer to the name of the product or service. For example, you can take iPhone and apple as a keyword as it indicates the name of the brand and the product.

Generic keywords

Generic keywords are the specific or general words people use for searching a product. They do not refer to the name of a business or brand. The most common example would be shoes or a gym.

Informational keywords

Informational keywords refer to the research of a product or a service. The users are looking for quality information to know more about something. It does not refer to the intent to buy.

Transactional keywords

Transactional keywords show intent to buy. If a user types “buy gym clothes” or “fitness center near me,” it may be considered a transactional keyword.

Location keywords

As the name refers, the keyword is used to find the location of a product or service in an area. Fitness centers in New York could be an example of a locational keyword.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are long words when the user wants to find something specific. For instance, affordable fitness trainers in New York would be a long-tail keyword.

PPC keyword ideas

It is important to discover the PPC keyword ideas to grow and win. Let’s discover ways to find the right keywords for PPC.

Establish the goals of their campaign

To make the PPC campaign a success, it is important to set clear goals for the campaign. The business intends to choose its campaign for conversion goals and metric goals. Conversion refers to visiting a site and downloading a form. The conversion goal will trigger the audience to take an action.

The metric goal is the number that the business wants to achieve. The number refers to the number of visitors or purchases or clicks.

The business must set a clear goal and strive to achieve it.

Do brainstorming

The business must start with the bottom-of-the-funnel keywords to climb the ladder. A business has to keep the customers in mind every step of the way. Eventually, the goal of the business is to help the audience rather than just sell. They can get all the customer’s needs and will help target the relevant keywords to improve the conversion rates.

Use paid keyword research tools

In addition to free keyword tool, it is essential to use paid keyword tools as it comes with added features and benefits. It provides access to abundant data while structuring means saving everything.

Semrush, Ahrefs, KWFinder, and MOZ are some paid keyword research tools that help maximize your research.

Use SEO research

SEO keyword research can benefit the PPC campaign. SEO tools provide a great list of keywords that can help a business achieve success for PPC. Optimizing various keyword research tools for digital marketing paves the way for different information and better insights.

Keep the negative keywords in mind

Negative keywords also play an important role in your campaign. They eventually save time for irrelevant searches for your PPC campaign. If a company sells high-end products, it can add inexpensive or cheap as a negative keyword.

Conduct competitor research

It is important to know about your competitors to excel in the industry. You need to conduct a thorough research about your competitors, from knowing about their blog posts to their marketing efforts. It may seem like a rigorous task, but it is extremely important.

Try to find the reason behind their successful campaigns. They may use PPC with content marketing to target specific keywords or use certain keywords you were unfamiliar with. This can help in knowing new tricks and strategies to grow.

Moreover, tools like Semrush and Spyfu Help in researching PPC. It assists in knowing more about the keywords the competitors are bidding on and other valuable insights.

Use Google

Search engines like Google help you identify the taste and like of your target audience. Optimize Google trends in Google’s autocomplete feature that helps conduct keyword research. Typing a few keywords will generate the topics and ideas people seek. Google helps you to know the interest of the people.

Listen to your target audience

The success of the PPC campaign relies upon your audience. Platforms like Reddit can help you identify the new keyword relevant to your target audience. Utilize various forms like social media, online communities, and groups to learn more about the target audience’s interests.

Find relevant questions with Tools like AnswerThePublic and AlsoAsked

Use relevant tools like AnswerThePublic to find the keywords related to your niche. Use the tool as it is free for a limited time. It can be a beginner guide when you’re new to the industry.

Don’t miss the synonyms

Go a long way by broadening your research by using synonyms relevant to the keywords. If you use pants as a keyword, it must cover Jeans, trousers, pajamas, etc.

Using concatenation tools

Various concatenation tools generate keyword ideas at a faster pace. Optimize them to get the work done quickly. These are simple and easy to use. Just enter the keyboard, and it comes up with a list of keywords for your campaign. Use it in your campaign for achieving success.

Go through the competitor’s blog content

After collecting plenty of keywords, the next step is to use these keywords. It is essential to do some blog research to understand the content. Check the competitor’s blog headlines and articles related to the keyword ideas.

Analyze the way competitors describe specific products and services. Analyze them, generate unique ideas, and create thoughtful content.

Discovery of longtail keywords with Quora

Long tail keywords intend to increase the clickthrough rate. The keyword difficulty of long tails is slightly lower. There’s a great chance that the competitors are not using the long tail keywords. You can check Quora queries that give an idea about the target audience’s interests. Quora presents insights about people’s interests, the most popular questions, and product suggestions.


If you plan to optimize a PPC campaign, you must strive for the best PPC keyword through research, planning, and making smart choices. PPC campaigns require you to try different things and learn through trial and error. Set a clear goal for the campaign. Brainstorm and use paid keyword research tools. Conduct competitor research to learn more about your competition and how PPC is used to learn something new. Optimize Google to know the interests of the people.

Learn more about your target audience through various platforms. Find relevant questions by using different tools. Furthermore, use synonyms and concatenation tools for the success of your campaign.

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