SEO Vs PPC: Which One is Right for Your Business in 2023?

By Alishba Agha 
| March 10, 2023

SEO and PPC are marketing strategies optimized by businesses. SEO refers to search engine optimization for visibility in organic search results. Whereas PPC stands for pay-per-click, a digital advertising campaign where the advertiser pays after each click on the ad. After successfully responding to submitted queries, SEO delivers organic search results, and PPC presents adverts. Both marketing methods are effective; choosing the right one depends on many factors.

What is SEO?

Businesses use it to reach the top of search engines to get discovered easily. Search engine optimization focuses on organic search results after search queries. The search engine is optimized after implying multiple strategies, including content, web design creation, technical enhancement, and link acquisition. It just helps the website gain higher ranks in the relevant search queries. The better the ranking, the better the visibility and the more engagement. After climbing to the top of the search engine, more people can discover the business.

Achieving a high rank on the search engine takes a lot of time as there is a lot of competition. It takes the business a lot of time to plan, strategize and put effort into achieving the required results. It also costs a lot to do business. Undoubtedly, the clicks are free, but the complexity of gaining prominence still stands tall. Hire Search Engine Optimization Freelancer

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click refers to paid advertisements for submitted queries. Pay Per Click is optimized using Google, where it is presented above or on the right side. If someone clicks on the ad and visits it, the advertiser gets charged. Google ad is the best example of a PPC program. Bing also offers such a program.

PPC includes Google and Bing Ads that can generate valuable traffic through advertisements. Using PPC with Google and Bing generates immediate results as the business can track the traffic coming to the site from an advertisement. The exact keywords help determine the buying intent, which helps display desired advertisements to the visitors with the right landing pages. It helps in gaining conversions instantly. Freelance PPC Expert

SEO vs PPC comparison

SEO and Pay Per Click are used to drive traffic to the website. They differ in various ways and have their merit and demerits.

Let’s check them out.

Continuous SEO efforts

After climbing the first ladder of achieving the desirable rank, the struggle does not stop. This is just a single milestone in the way of success. Retaining visibility is a great challenge that can be very complex. Google updates also affect its search ranking algorithms, and there are a lot of changes that impact the rankings. Moreover, many websites compete simultaneously, seeking the same level of success. Continuous SEO is needed to retain the top rankings. Again, the cost is another significant factor that may affect it.

PPC targets the intended audience

The greatest advantage of PPC is that it helps design the strategy for the intended audience by using demographics such as location, language, etc. PPC is the perfect advertising campaign to engage visitors.

The PPC ads on Google and Bing provide real-time feedback on ROI. It helps the business know what is working and what needs to be updated or changed. It helps the business know the effectiveness of a strategy. 

SEO needs a long time

One more aspect of SEO is time. It involves various SEO campaigns and the implementation of technical optimization and content creation strategies. All of this takes an ample amount of time to take place. Moreover, Google also takes time to detect the changes. SEO is not quick as it seems. It is a long-term strategy. 

Furthermore, you intend to target the users at every stage of their buying journey, from conducting keyword research and discovering queries that will answer the intended questions in the form of content to confirm the search intentions. The potential customer learns about every aspect of a brand before making purchases.

PPC Produces Timely results

Using PPC can deliver immediate results, whereas SEO may take time. Time is an important constraint when planning a multi-channel digital marketing campaign. 

PPC is suitable for any business acquiring immediate results. It can derive immediate results and is suitable for promotions, limited-time offers, launches, and promotions. For greater visibility, it can drive huge traffic through Google and Bing Ads and social media platforms. 

PPC is beneficial if a website is not optimized for search. Every business cannot wait too long to get the results of SEO. PPC derives immediate results when a business cannot wait to climb to the top of the search result. It can give gain revenue through digital marketing that SEO cannot.

SEO needs to Retain rankings with high cost

The biggest part of SEO is to retain a high ranking, but with continuous effort, it can become a sustainable approach. The initial costs can be higher, but they can provide a return on investment in the long term.

PPC is costly

There’s a great chance for any little brand to compete with good, recognized brands. But it is a costly thing to do. As small businesses can continue competing with established brands, the cost per click for popular keywords would be very high. This can surpass the PPC budget very quickly. It makes it a very costly affair. 

Key considerations for SEO and PPC


Regarding budget, organic search results clicks are free, whereas PPC ads cost a lot. Gaining organic search prominence will bring traffic at a low cost, whereas PPC costs more. When it comes to gaining a high rank, it must be clear that it takes a lot of time and investment, as SEO is a long-term strategy. PPC is a short-term strategy that brings immediate results and conversions in one day. 


Pay Per Click intends to present advertisements to the users who have decided to purchase. Search engine optimization targets people at every stage of their buying journey. From discovery to information to engagement, then reaching the final purchase phase. 


Increasing the budget and the targeting keywords for designing relevant ads is the only need to scale the PPC campaign. In contrast, an SEO campaign is crucial as it involves content creation and vital changes on the website with the content and keywords. 

SEO vs PPC Which Channel Will Work Better For You

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click can provide benefits to a business. SEO is a long-term strategy that will deliver a huge return on investment. Whereas PPC is suitable for struggling businesses as it delivers immediate results. It can drive the intended traffic immediately. The potential buyers will purchase a PPC advertisement. 

This fast and slow comparison reflects the nature of the strategies. It would be right to say that SEO is a slow strategy, whereas PPC is fast. A business may achieve great success by using both of them simultaneously. A Business can dominate the search results using SEO, whereas social PPC campaigns can reach specific audiences.

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