Promising Qualities Startup Hiring Requires

By Alishba Agha 
| March 24, 2022

It’s tough to secure a job at a startup, so knowing what qualities the hiring managers are searching for gets you the competitive edge you need. After reviewing thousands of resumes and working with hundreds of startups, I’ve identified several basic personal attributes that all startups value. I recommend emphasizing these qualities when applying for jobs or interviewing. It will demonstrate to the hiring manager that you can work in a fast-paced setting.

“Choose the first ten employees very carefully, as they determine the next 100.”- Yevgeniy Brikman – Gruntwork.

  1. Think Big and Shoot for the Stars.

Be ready to take risks and don’t get overwhelmed by small issues, whether you’re developing a distributed team or have an office when startup hiring. “Be self-assured in your curiosity: set your sights high and take risks with huge, dangerous ideas.”

Also, use catchy slogans for your business to attract customers when startup hiring.

  1. Take a Step Out of Your Cocoon.

Your network can only go so far, and your colleagues’ networks will likely overlap significantly. Plus, as the adage goes, “birds of a feather gather together.” If you hire friends of friends or former coworkers of current employees, you may be falling into a trap in your attempt to homogenize your startup hiring team. Get out of your cocoon and meet new people; ask your network for introductions so you can start tapping into adjacent networks.

  1. Move Ahead Like a Cheetah

Startups typically have 18-24 months to fulfill a goal and raise funds. Otherwise, they will run out of cash. By moving like a Cheetah, your team will be able to develop ideas and quickly turn them into a workable product. Get in front of beta users as soon as possible.

  1. Rightful Behavior

Egos are not tolerated well at startups. A sense of self-importance won’t help you beat an established competitor. As a business grows, it can’t afford to get carried away by past triumphs. Be humble, respect your teammates, and accept that everyone makes errors.

  1. Take Ownership

Before getting into a startup hiring business, know how to take ownership of your ideas, make them a reality, handle your problems wherever possible, and accept responsibility for your individual choices. One of the most common job descriptions is, “We’re looking for guts.” Someone who, wherever possible, completes work and solves problems on their own.

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