5 Reasons to Choose a Freelancer Over a Digital Marketing Agency

By Alishba Agha 
| March 3, 2023

Digital marketing is an essential aspect of a business for promoting the brand through social media, websites, and other platforms. Companies usually take the services of agencies instead of hiring digital marketing freelancers. Freelancers are working efficiently and quickly after the digital transformation. Freelancers acquire skills and talent that are better than any other agency. Businesses must consider hiring them, and many reasons can account for the business’s success. 

Reasons for hiring a freelancer 

There are many reasons to hire a freelancer. Let’s explore them. 

  1. Build a brand
  2. Freelance has diverse experience
  3. More time to focus on your business
  4. Hiring a freelancer is cost-effective
  5. Freelancers are flexible

Build a brand 

We are all aware of the increased use of technology due to its innovation and enhancement. With technologies like artificial and machine learning, the world is growing technologically daily. A company must implement a strong digital presence with an everlasting impression. It needs something that distinguishes it from its competitors. When it comes to digital marketing, hiring a freelancer is essential. They will develop strategies for building the brand.

The freelancer has diverse experience

Digital marketing agencies have teams of marketers who are ready to work for you. They have diverse experience as they’ve already worked with many other businesses. But it is difficult to find out that the people building your digital marketing strategy have SEO and e-mail marketing expertise. It is difficult to find out about the expertise of the marketers in that team. It is significant to find out the marketing the business requires. The company needs to search for those who have the right expertise. 

The foremost thing is to specify that the business needs a localized influencer to promote the product or a social media manager to bring the social pages on top. Then the business can look up freelancers who excel in the niche. 

A freelancer has excellent exposure. The freelancer has worked with freelancers and gets to work with different industries that help them enhance their skills. These are highly skilled individuals; every enterprise wants to find and work with them. Hiring a freelancer for your digital marketing strategy will benefit you greatly because of their diverse experience. They have already gained broad experience and will implement it instantly for using your business. 

More time to focus on your business 

Hiring a freelancer is crucial as you do not have time to manage everything simultaneously. Various social media channels need to be managed carefully and consistently. It is challenging to keep track of everything at the same time. Assigning the work to someone would lessen the burden and meet the business needs. Small business owners often struggle to get sales, while managing their social media presence is challenging. Guiding the freelancer would help in implementing the right strategies and saving time. 

Taking services from a digital marketing agency brings the disadvantage of not focusing on your business. It is because they have a lot of clients at the same time. Especially if you are a small business, then you may be neglected. It is difficult for you to meet the team working on a project. Just bring the barrier of communication between you and the team. 

Freelancers have an excellent reputation and expertise in their field. A freelancer is an individual who helps you take the lead on the project by rendering your services through direct communication. In comparison, they offer good communication and control to you. If the business wants to contact and communicate with a person building its strategy, then hiring a freelancer is the most suitable option. 

Hiring a freelancer is cost-effective. 

A digital marketing agency is not a person who will get the job done. A digital marketing agency with a team of employees costs a lot to the business. Taking the services of these agencies accounts for being two multiple people involved in the work. Moreover, other overhead costs for office space, upper management, and assistance are also there. 

In addition to that, several little marketing agencies have a minimum account budget. It requires you to sign a contract or a commitment covering their budget. That is when they will begin the work for you. 

But that is not the case with a freelancer. They are hired for a specified time and paid accordingly. The salary may vary according to the load and amount of work. They also work part-time, which helps the business to save costs. Moreover, the business also saves on office space, electricity, and other things needed to accommodate an employee. They don’t need to work from your office, so it helps in saving additional costs. They do not require medical insurance or paid leaves.

Freelancers are flexible

Freelancers are more flexible as compared to real marketing agencies. This is because a daily marketing agency is working for different clients simultaneously. Additional marketing agency makes multiple project timetables to use their team members for the Projects. The agency is working on a strict schedule that does not alter. If your business needs to make specific changes midway through the project, the marketing agency will not manage any changes when it does not manage them. They will also require you to pay the additional cost for any changes. They need to accommodate all the employees and involve them with extra pay. 

In contrast, freelancers are flexible. They don’t have the bulk of projects at the same time. The only project they are working on likely is yours. It will bring the additional benefit of the concentration of the freelancer on your project. You can not hesitate to tell them you require any changes in their marketing plans. They happily accept the changes and work on it without charging more. They don’t acquire any extra charges for doing additional work.

The ongoing work could be flexible on now weekly basis. You can set the workload strategy and budget as per your requirement. This brings the flexibility of work that cancel binging progress to the strategy and the business. 


Digital marketing acquires a significant place in the success of a business. Goodnight, all medium and small-sized companies inquire about e-mail marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO services. 

Digital marketing agencies offer these services to clients but do not adjust according to the business. At the same time, freelancers offer flexibility and focus at all times. They are better than digital marketing agencies because they have diverse experience. They require all their expertise in their particular field that marketing agencies would not offer. 

Freelancers provide increased collaboration and communication with the business. They can focus on one project because they do not have multiple projects. Unlike digital marketing agencies, the company can control the project entirely. Freelancer does not charge more than digital marketing agencies that require a business to pay on your budget set by then. 

Freelancers offer flexibility while progressing in a project. They consider all the changes in the project without charging extra money. 

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