Top 10 Tips for Effective Freelancer Management and Productivity

By Alishba Agha 
| February 16, 2023

Freelancers are self-employed workers who offer their services to other companies contractually. They are short-term employees. Freelancers are highly skilled workers who master their specific industry or niche. Most common freelancers are project managers, content creators, programmers, etc. Freelancers can choose their working hours according to their lifestyle. Depending on their preference, they can work remotely or from the client’s office. Freelancers are entitled to pay for their sick leave and holiday cost.  

Why do you need a freelancer? 

Freelancers are not those full-time employees that need a salary every month. They charge for the hours they work and tend to be less expensive. A company needs to manage its budget. Acquiring freelancers will save costs and bring financial benefits. Freelancers are talented individuals who could replace full-time employees. Synerge offers the service of best-in-class experts. 

Moreover, hiring a freelancer will not involve any training or onboarding complexity. Freelancers work remotely and provide the benefit of saving office space and others supplying material. These are the things that save time and money. 

Freelancers provide the flexibility to work on their own time, which may differ from the organization’s time, which is beneficial if both are in different time zones. The organization can engage on a global level. 

10 Essential Tips for Successfully Hiring and Managing Freelancers

When hiring freelancers, you need to follow these essential tips to bring the most out of them for the business and the clients. 

  1. Identify the need to hire 
  2. Create a budget 
  3. Hire the right talent 
  4. Tell your client 
  5. Define the project and scope 
  6. Set clear expectations 
  7. Provide regular feedback 
  8. Avoid micromanagement 
  9. Offer good projects 
  10. Show recognition for their work 

Identify the need to hire 

There is already a lot going on in your business, and you’ll have to specify why you need to hire new people. That is why creating a list to identify critical jobs is essential. If you cannot manage the work with the in-house team, you must analyze the situation and acquire outside help.  

Create a budget 

The most important part of hiring someone is to have a look at the budget in advance. Before signing the contract with the freelancer, defining the correct expectation in the budget is significant. It helps offer a price that would give the freelancer an idea about the budget.  

Moreover, if any extra work or the hours exceed, they should be paid separately. All of it must be defined in the agreement so that both can work respectfully. Often, contractors are getting more pay than regular employees because they do not gain the benefits for security like a full-time employee. 

If you offer a long-term contract to the freelancers, they will cut their costs to have guaranteed work in the future. 

Hire the right talent 

it is essential to hire someone who brings value to the agency. The most important aspect of an agency is checking their skills set and its alignment with your project. Their skills must match your project. The right level of a freelancer is directly proportional to the right level of work. That means you must not hire someone with more than five years of experience for a junior-level project.  

Tell your client  

Do not refrain from introducing freelancers to the client. If you mention that the freelancer is a part of your company, the client will not have any objection because the freelancer’s work is the organization’s as it’s in their budget. It would help if you did not shy away from introducing the talent that adds value to your brand. Freelancers maintain a great image worldwide because of their high skill set. The client will appreciate it. 

Define the project and scope 

Defining the project to the freelancer and your internal team is essential. When freelancers know the project details, including the budget, timeline, deadline, and other deliverables, they will be more productive. If there is any change in the scope of the work, you must pay extra money for the new range. Defining everything from what you will pay for to what you will not is essential. 

Set clear expectations 

It is essential to provide a complete outline to the freelancer. It would be best if you defined the deliverables along with other protocols and values. Address all their queries and answer them to provide more clarity. Conduct meetings to get feedback and timely response. 

Provide regular feedback 

To improve the quality of the work and the freelancer’s performance, it is crucial to provide regular feedback. It will help strengthen the relationship between the business and the freelancer. Reciprocal feedback is necessary to improve performance. It will help in determining if the business is hitting the target effectively. 

Avoid micromanagement 

If you want to work successfully with freelancers, you must avoid micromanagement. Freelancers are self-motivated individuals who possess high skills and perform without any supervision. It requires the business to manage freelancers with their flexible choice of time and other commitments. They are treating many kinds of clients simultaneously. This is why they need space to be more productive. 

Offer good projects 

Add value to your work by offering good projects to freelancers. It will help in building a positive reputation for the organization. Freelancers are looking forward to working with companies that have a good reputation. 

Show recognition for their work 

Employees, whether full-time or freelancers are thirsty for recognition. Workforce recognition will help in building a great company culture for productivity. After the success of all your big and small projects, you need to appreciate freelancers and employees to keep them motivated. This recognition will help boost the freelancers’ productivity for much better work in the future. The respect you give will eventually turn back to you in a positive way. 


Hiring freelancers is the best way to improve the productivity of the business. These highly skilled workers will add value to the company by providing help in sensitive projects through additional coverage. They have the expertise to complete deliverables. Freelancers work remotely and save costs by offering hourly pay rates. The remote setting brings some challenges, but these can be managed with the help of the ten tips discussed above. 

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