Boost Your Small Business Growth with These 10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools

By Alishba Agha 
| February 23, 2023

Various marketing tools can help any small business grow and thrive. Using the right tools increases the company’s growth as if you have been watering it like a plant. Every small business needs a competitive edge among millions of other small businesses. It requires a combination of all cost-effective marketing tools for small businesses.

10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools

  1. MailChimp
  2. HubSpot
  3. Trello
  4. Hootsuite
  5. Google Analytics
  6. All-in-one SEO Pack
  7. Mobile Monkey
  8. Followerwonk
  9. Zoom

Let’s dive into the list.


Email marketing strategy is the root cause of successful digital marketing campaigns. Every eight out of 10 marketers use an email marketing strategy to boost their business. Mailchimp is the top email marketing provider with almost 12 million customers. It offers free plans for less than 2000 subscribers. It enables you to find answers to questions by supporting self-service options.

It gives a great start to the business as it offers it for free. Once the company gets stable, it can subscribe to the monthly plan. Small businesses would not have 2000 subscribers as they are new. This is an important opportunity for them to avail themselves.


This lead generation software helps in attracting potential customers and helps create valuable content. It offers practical tools for blogging, leads management, website, social media, SEO, calls to action, and landing pages. The list is vast, and the advantages are enormous. It is significant for growing a business in the initial phase.


It is a great marketing tool for managing projects simultaneously. It helps in increasing collaboration among the teams. Additionally, it helps in saving time and automating processes. After creating blogs, the entire team can view them on Trello before publishing them. This is how the team can review them and analyze any changes that must be made before posting them. It helps in refining the existing content and creating a masterpiece.

It is an excellent platform for sharing data marketing strategies on a single platform. After setting the board, the entire team can take action immediately. It is one of the most popular and unbeatable marketing tools for collaboration.


Social media is the most vital and significant part of companies’ marketing. Any big or small company must use it to thrive in this digital era. Hootsuite helps in scheduling social media posts in advance. It saves a lot of time. It offers many features that allow businesses to improve their reach.

A business can now identify influencers and leads. The social media team can respond to comments via the dashboard. The team can schedule responses when the users are not active. It saves a lot of time, as they are not restricted to visiting each platform.

Carrying out all these tasks manually would have been frustrating. The dashboard allows the owner to take control of other productive tasks.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have part of the social media strategy of small businesses. There is no hard and fast rule to it. You need to add it to the company’s website to keep track of its visitors. Just add the analytics code to the website.

The business gets insights into its data. For instance, where do most of the traffic comes from? What strategy was the most effective in driving traffic? This can only be known if the company can view the response of its visitors. It is vital to devise plans.

Therefore, it is essential to install it early as it is helpful. Businesses are highly dependent on data, and this tool helps them to take control of the data.

All in one SEO pack

The primary aim of this tool is to help you make better decisions for the content that would appear on search engines. An all-in-one SEO pack plugin helps in optimizing search engine optimization. It supports many plugins, including automated generation of metatags, XML sitemap support, and advanced canonical URLs.

Moreover, another good feature that makes it vital is its easy use. Making a decision might be difficult, but it has “?” An option that will provide sufficient information and advice.

SEO remains an integral part of a business website. This all-in-one SEO pack plugin will help in achieving this perspective efficiently.

Mobile Monkey

This chat marketing automation tool is significant for every small business. Calls are replaced by chatting and emailing from consumers. That is why a company must offer great chat to the customers for a better customer experience. 75% of customers regard it as the best way to communicate.

Another great tool that will help connect with other messaging channels like Instagram DM’s, Facebook Messenger, live chat, and SMS text messaging. It has become a one-stop chat solution.

All the messages can be collected in a single inbox. It responds and contains lead info easily by automation.


Social media marketing is an essential part of a small business. But they often spend a lot of time as it takes a good strategy to divert the consumers’ attention to the business. A robust plan can engage with the audience and divert traffic to the website.

Followerwonk helps in improving the social media marketing strategy via Twitter analytics data. It helps the business understand the audience by analyzing their behavior.


Zoom is the most popular software for bringing people together worldwide. Even if it is not facing a remote working situation, connecting to exchange ideas for empowering employees is essential. It helps in collaboration with other businesses. Sometimes it gets difficult to connect with other businesses and team members. With Zoom video conferencing, adding up to 100 participants for about 40 minutes is easy. Moreover, as requested, you can extend the meeting for more than 40 minutes.


Growing a business is a rigorous task, but it becomes easy with the help of efficient digital marketing tools. A solid digital marketing strategy connects social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and content marketing.

This digital marketing strategy can only succeed using the right digital marketing tools. All the digital marketing tools mentioned are vital for the success of small businesses.

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