Free Startup Pitch Deck Template & Guide.


Most founders find themselves in need of funds to develop or launch their startup. To raise funds successfully, you need to present yourself and your startup to investors and the most common tool for conveying the value of your startup is the pitch deck.

Here we present you with a step-by-step guide to building a pitch deck along with template that will enable you to present yourself and your startup effectively to investors. Fill the form to get the guide & templates instantly.

Free Pitch Deck Template

What’s included in the pitch deck guide & template?

This startup pitch deck guide along with downloadable templates in PPT and Google Slides format provides step-by-step instructions to develop an effective pitch deck that can help founders in raising funds for their startups. It outlines the 12 essential sections that should be included in the pitch deck along with detailed explanation and examples.

Actionable insights with expert advice on every section

Detailed Explanations of Each Section

Each Pitch Deck Section is explained in detail along with best practices.

Additional reading material

Having difficulty understanding a concept? No worries, each section includes links to additional resources to help you understand concepts better.

Examples from successful startups

Examples of successful startup decks are provided against each section.

Ready to use pitch deck templates

Pre-built pitch deck templates in Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides formats. Just download and start building the perfect deck.